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SelfImage2Every People, Tribe and Nation is a non-profit evangelistic ministry, dedicated to preaching, teaching, equipping and sending forth missionaries around the world.  We hold evangelistic crusades, conduct follow-up programs, build and raise up indigenous orphanages and churches.  We dig fresh water wells, equip schools, conduct leadership seminars, as well as clothe and feed the hungry.  We are inviting you to partner with us.

Never has there been such a critical time for us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ near and far, and you are such an important co-laborer!

There are currently 6.5 billion people around the world, and between now and the end of 2050, that number will soar to over 10 billion men, women, and children.  At least two-thirds of those billions don’t know Jesus Christ as ‘Savior‘.

As great majority of lost souls around the globe have never heard the gospel presented in a clear, effective, and truthful way!  Can you imagine what life is like without salvation, hope and any assurance of spending eternity in heaven with our wonderful Lord?  That should shock, grieve, and challenge us to the very core.  For we know that God is “not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 2:9)           

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