JoAnna Rochester

Dear Covenant Partners,

I am so excited for what God Almighty is doing in EPTN Ministry. As I am writing to you, I am on my way to Tagaytay, Philippines.

As you know this is close to the area that experienced the most drastic Super Typhoon, in history. The largest tropical cyclone ever recorded, struck the central Philippines on Thursday evening, November 7th (U.S. time) impacting the lives of over 25 million people. The Category 5 super storm harbored winds exceeding 200 mph along with torrential rain, causing massive destruction and loss of over 10,000 lives.

God has opened an effectual door to go and minister the Word of God to these wonderful people. During this time, I will be teaching in the Bible School, holding Healing Crusades, Ministering the Word of God to the lost and saved throughout the villages, and in the Churches. We are expecting God to do miraculous miracles on every Island.

We are asking all of our Covenant Partners to be in prayer as we minister to this Nation.  Also, we are in need of donations. As you know when people go through a major crisis such as this one, you lose everything. We at EPTN are soliciting your prayers for us as we travel to this country. In your daily time of prayer we would like you to pray that:

  • The anointing upon my life and the ministry will continue to increase for the mighty move of God.
  • Relationships with Missionaries Lyford & Martha Morris would be established and increase.
  •  The Holy Spirit will reveal Himself as never before.
  • For divine protection and healing in our families. That no one will fall sick or die before their time.
  • No accidents will occur during travel by air, car, taxis or bus, etc…
  • God would rise up more Intercessors/Ministry of Helpers.
  •  Crusades, that multitudes will come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • The Preaching of lessons on the Holy Spirit and His Gifts will be received.
  • All students will be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  •  Orphanages and a 2nd year Bible College to be established.
  • Women’s Bible Study to be established.
  • We have divine health and that no snares of the enemy will occur in the lives of the Missionaries or myself.
  • We will go as an army in this Nation and around the World.

We are asking you to go to our website: to make a donation. Your gift today of $20, $50, $100, $1,000 or more will enable us to continue our Ministry and provide help to those who are yet experiencing a difficult time in their lives. If you are unable to go to the website you can send by mail to our contact information listed below:

Address: In U.S.A.


% JoAnna Rochester, 441 Fawn Ridge Dr. # 107,

Dallas, TX. 75224, U.S.A.  Phone: 214-438-3057


Address:  In the Philippines

#5 Phoebe St.

Tagaytay Country Homes 3

Tagaytay City, 4120, Cavite Province Philippines

Telephone Numbers:

Cell: 63933 110 4488

Landline: 63933 107 5565


Thank you for all of your support and prayers as we Minister the Word of God to this great Nation. May God bless you and keep you.

 Dr. JoAnna Rochester

God’s Servant in Missions